Free 3-days split program 3 – General Conditioning, emphasize on PL lifts


Free 3-days split program 3 – General Conditioning, emphasize on PL lifts:

Description Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Muscle Groups

Front/Side Delts

Back Delts


1. Barbell Flat Bench Press (5x5)
2. Incline Barbell Bench Press (3x8)
3. Dips (Triceps) (5x5)
4. Triceps Push Downs (3x8)
5. Dumbbell Shrugs (3x8)
6. Dumbbell Lateral Raises (3x8)
7. Dumbbell Front Raises (3x8)

1. Dead Lift (5x5)
2. Pull Ups (3x8)
3. Bent Over Barbell Rows (3x8)
4. EZ-bar Reverse Grip Curls (3x8)
5. EZ-bar Curls (5x5)
6. Hanging Leg Raise (3x as you please)
7. Dumbbell Side Bend (3x8-12)
8. Dumbbell Lying Rear Lateral Raises (3x8, don’t rush)

1. Back Squat (5x5)
2. Good Morning (3x8)
3. Seated Calf Raises (5x5)
4. Lunges (3x8)
5. Stiff Leg Dead Lift (3x10-12)
6. Standing Barbell Calf Raises (3x10-12)

If you need an entry level Power Lifting program, this program is for you. It will give you lots of strength on all three big lifts (Bench Press - BP, Squat - SQ and Dead Lift - DL), and after 8 weeks you will feel and be much stronger. Since this is very demanding program, do three sessions per week, with at least a day of rest between the workouts. Cardio is ok - after weigts sessions do 10-15 minutes on cardio machine. On non-gym days - rest or do some light running. HIIT could be too much - if you feel you have energy, do it. If you are new to lifting weights - do Program 1 or Program 2 first.


Warm-up on a stepper or similar cardio machine for at least 5 minutes, slowly. If possible, use two different cardio machines (for example stepper 5 minutes, bike 5 minutes), just be sure to do it slowly.
Than, gently stretch your entire body. Don't do any strong jerks, kicks or similar strong and fast moves.


One of the big three lifts:
Do at least 3 (three) warm-up sets. Since, the goal of main exercise is 5x5 (5 sets, 5 reps), you would do first warm-up set with 10, second with 8, third with 6 reps (unless you are warming-up for DLs, than you should do both warm-up and working sets with 5 reps per set). Also, 4th warm-up set is good thing, just to 'feel' the weight. If your goal are 5x5 'Barbell Flat Bench Press' with 100 kg, than you would do:
1. set - 10 reps with 30 kg
rest 60 seconds
2. set - 8 reps with 50kg
rest 60 seconds
3. set - 6 reps with 70 kg
rest 60 seconds
4. set -  1 single rep with 90 kg
rest 60 seconds
5. - 9. set - 5 reps with 100 kg, 90 seconds between sets.
TUT is always somewhere around 202. It is possible to go faster, but don't. When you manage to do 5x5 with good form, increase the weight next time. So, if you did 5x5 with 100kg, next time you would try to do exercise with maybe 105 kg. 110 kg would be too much of an increase - you would be able to lift it maybe 4, 3, 3, 2, 2 reps per each working set, but it is not the goal - goal is 5x5 (25 lifts in 5 reps) and when you increase weight 5% than maybe you will be able to lift 5, 4, 4, 3, 3 per each working set - closer to 25 lifts in 5 reps - better.


Second (and other) exercises of the body part:
Do at least 2 warm-up sets. Since the goal of the exercise is again 3x8, you would do first warm-up set with 12 and second with 10 reps. If your goal are 'Incline Barbell Bench Press' with 70 kg, than you would do:
1. set - 12 reps with 40 kg
rest 60 seconds
2. set - 10 reps with 55 kg
rest 90 seconds
3. 4. and 5. set - 8 reps with 70 kg, 90 seconds between sets.
TUT, form and increase in weight - same as for first exercise.

Note on Dips: same as for 'Free 3-days split program 1 - General Conditioning'. You just position your body differently to hit desired muscles more, just this time your goal is 5x5 - if you can lift yourself 5x5, then next time add some 5% of your bodyweight.

Abs workuout - if you can lift your legs more then 8 reps, add some weight - grab and hold dumbbell between your feet and lift the legs. From time to time do 'Stomach vacuum' exercise to supplement your current abs exercise (this is great exercise, unfortunately rarely done).

Cardio - this program requires at least a day of rest between gym workouts. If you can, on non-gym day, go for a light and slow run. If you train in the gym 3 days per week, do 1 separate cardio workout. In the gym, after weights session, if you do 10-15 minutes cardio on some cardio machine (different machine every time) - feel free to skip separate cardio and do proper - rest. If you know that tomorrow you will certainly go for a run, than skip cardio in the gym that day.

Periodisation - there is slight periodisation in the program - you change number of reps for the same muscle group in the same workout. Not so efficient as when you change sets and reps from workout to workout, but still very effective. And the main goal here is - strength.

One more thing - you do triceps together with chest on the same day - similar is with biceps and back - this way, your body has enough time to rest until the next chest/triceps and biceps/back workout. That is also reason why you work triceps relativly lighter with chest than you would do them on back day - same is with biceps on back day. Because of intensity you will not lose anything from your arms (in terms of strength or size) - on contrary. Anyway, when you train hard, give your body time to rest.



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