Free 3-days split program 1 – General Conditioning


Free 3-days split program 1 – General Conditioning:

Description Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Muscle Groups





1.Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes
2.Incline Bench Dumbbell Flyes
3.Decline Barbell Bench Press
4.Dips (Triceps)
5.Triceps Pushdowns
6.Dumbbell Shrugs

1. Front Pull Ups
2. Bent Over Barbell Rows
3. Hyperextensions
4. EZ-bar Curls
5. Dumbbell Alternate Biceps Curls
6. Dumbbell Side Bend
7. Crunch – Hands Over Head

1. Arnold Dumbbell Press
2. Dumbbell Lateral Rise
3. Back Squats
4. Good Mornings
5. Seated Calf Raises
6. Lying Leg Curls
7. Leg Press

Goal: 3x8 on working sets, 90 seconds between sets, unless otherwise noted.

Warm-up on a stepper or similar cardio machine for at least 5 minutes, slowly. If possible, use two different cardio machines (for example stepper 5 minutes, bike 5 minutes), just be sure to do it slowly. You don't need to kill your self - this is just warming, remember?
Than, gently stretch your entire body. Don't do any strong jerks, kicks or similar strong and fast moves.

First exercise of the body part:
Do at least 3 (three) warm-up sets. Since, the goal of main exercise is 3x8 (3 sets, 8 reps), you would do first warm-up set with 12, second with 10, third with 8 reps. If your goal are 3x8 'Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes' with 20 kg dumbbells, than you would do:
1. set - 12 reps with 8kg dumbbells
rest 60 seconds
2. set - 10 reps with 12kg dumbbells
rest 60 seconds
3. set - 8 reps with 16 kg dumbbells
rest 90 seconds
4. 5. and 6. set - 8 reps with 20 kg dumbbells, 90 seconds between sets.
TUT is always somewhere between 202 and 302 - 201 for 'shorter' moves is acceptable (not here!!! go for 202 or even 302), but try to do it slowly. When you manage to do 3x8 with good form, increase the weight next time. So, if you did 3x8 with 20 kg dumbbell, next time you would try to do exercise with maybe 21 - 23 kg dumbbells (usually, next heavier one in the gym - if you have variable weight dumbbells - great - increase the weight next time by only 5%).


Second (and other) exercises of the body part:
Do at least 2 warm-up sets. Since the goal of main exercise is again 3x8, you would do first warm-up set with 12 and second with 10 reps. If your goal are 'Incline Bench Dumbbell Flyes' with 16 kg, than you would do:
1. set - 12 reps with 8 kg dumbbells
rest 60 seconds
2. set - 10 reps with 12 kg dumbbells
rest 90 seconds
3. 4. and 5. set - 8 reps with 16 kg dumbbells, 90 seconds between sets.
TUT, form and increase in weight - same as for first exercise.

Many trainees think that this is too much of warm-up. No it is not. It is even maybe too little. For example, in first exercise, you start to warm-up with 40% of your target weight, in second exercise with 50% - in second exercise your pecks are already warmed-up, but under different angle. This is enough reason for me to recommend (at least) 2 warming sets in second exercise. Maybe your working sets will 'suffer' because of 'too much' warm-up, but in the long run, your joints, tendons, muscles, your body will be grateful :o).

Note on Dips: If you can make 3x8 with your bodyweight - great. Do warm-up sets first by doing dips from the flour and using your legs to do 'jumps' upwards and than go slowly down. In the beginning it is hard to balance lets say 60% power from the legs and 40% power from triceps for first warm-up set of 12 reps, but with time you will manage this.
For total beginners: most of you can't make single proper dip (nor triceps dips, nor chests dips). Don't worry about that - you have left your ego on the front door of the gym, right? :o) (Read FAQ, please!) So what should you do? First of all - do your best on 'Decline Barbell Bench Press'. It will give you strength for move that is not so different from Dips (but it is not the same!). Than do 2-3 sets of Dips by jumping upwards and slowly going down for 8 -12 reps. Than you are going to do 'working' sets, by jumping upward and than more or less controllably going slowly down - this time you should balance your jumping strength so that you use as much as possible your triceps for going up and down. Try to do all 8 reps for 3 sets. In time, you will manage to make few reps without 'jumping' from the flour. When you manage to make lets say 3 dips without jumping in working sets, than your goal should be, in the same set, to do 3 'normal' dips and than 5 'jumping' dips - that is 8 reps in the set.
If you can make 3x8 dips with ease, than warm-up and put some weights - increase increments should be 5-10% of your bodyweight.
Abs workuout - you should train your abs, not the move. From time to time do 'Stomach vacuum' exercise to supplement your current abs exercise.

Cardio - if you train 3 days in the row, one day off, do your body a favor and really rest that day. On workout days, if possible, do your cardio at least once per week, possibly at least 6-8 hours apart from your gym workout - and not on Legs day. In my opinion, if you are not training for some professional competition and even if your nutrition and rest is spotless, this is too much of workout.

But if you want to workout 3+1 day and have no time for separate cardio sessions, than do them in the gym after your session with weights. Choose different cardio machine each time, but be careful not to over-train yourself.

If you train 3 gym sessions in a week, than do your cardio after session with weights, choose different cardio machines and don't worry about over-training. Also, if possible, go to the track on separate days and do HIIT.

Periodisation - there is no direct periodisation in this program. Warming sets are done in higher rep range than targeted working sets. And when you increase weights in working sets, you end up in lower reps range, so over time of 8 weeks (this program should not last more that this), you will work all your muscle fibers types, no worries about that :o)



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