Labrada SuperCharge Xtreme


LABRADA SuperCharge Xtreme is pre-workout drink that helps by increasing one's strength, energy and focus quickly after consuming it. It belongs to 'Nitrix Oxide' group of supplement powders.


Many things are promised by Labrada SuperCharge Xtreme: cuts physical fatigue, cuts mental fatigue, increase strength, increase muscle volume and lean body mass, jump starts recovery etc.

Main ingredients are similar to other nitrix oxide supplements on the market, with some differences, of course.

Personally, I think that these statements are little bit exaggerated. Marketing is one thing, real life another. If you are 100+ kg, then take 2 doses. If this is the first time to take such product, no matter how heavy you are, take only one dose for few times, and then see if you should take 2 doses. For better results, it is recommended that SuperCharge should be taken on empty stomach.

On the other side, this is the best pre-workout drink I have tried – it really helps by giving additional strength and few reps when I think that I am over with exercise. When I am not dieting, SuperCharge makes me lift heavier weight or same weight for few more reps. On a diet, SuperCharge helps me lift almost same weights with same reps as when I am not dieting (without SuperCharge of course). Day after workout, I don't feel totally exhausted – without SuperCharge (and regular PWM) it would be very hard to train two days in the row, even different muscle groups.

Price is relatively high, but compared with other similar products – it is ok. And I always buy 800g container – it is cheaper per gram than 320g container (320g package is in the mean time - discontinued. Good :) ) and it lasts me for about 24-25 workouts, just enough for 5-7 weeks of training on some specialized program (GVT, OVT, Full Body etc), when I also like to have whey (I always have whey in PWM), creatine monohydrate (or CEE/CEE-HCL), BCAA, Labrada ElastiJoint etc.

If you want to intensify your workouts, you have hit some plateau, need boost when dieting and won't mind spending some money, take SuperCharge – it is not magic powder, but it do HELPS.

Do you want to train hard on low carb days during Carbohydrate Cycling Diet? Mix Labrada SuperCharge Xtreme and one serving (27g) of Labrada Power Carb - this will help you to train more and with higher intensity compared with workouts with 'only' Labrada SuperCharge Xtreme. 257g of unflavored Labrada Power Carb is 25g of carbs, so try to squeeze them in your daily nutrition plan ...

If you feel that supplement of this kind is a little bit too pricy, try to have a caffeine pill before workout - again, whatever you do, you do on your own risk ;o)

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