Homemade Pre Workout Energy Booster

labrada-supercharge2There are many pre workout energy boosters on the market today, some of them 'work', some of them don't. And the best of all, it vary from person to person. If you don't mind mixing a little bit, you can made yourself a homemade pre workout energy booster that works and works every time!

On the other hand, if you don't like mixing various powders at home, you can always buy 'all-in-1' pre workout energy supplement - just be wary since some pre workout energy supplements/energy drinks work for some people and some work for other people.

bsn-no-xplode-mFor example, I really like Labrada SuperCharge Xtreme and I don't feel a thing when I drink, for example, BSN NO-Xplode. There are people that drink BSN NO-Xplode regularly and consuming Labrada SuperCharge Xtreme is for them like drinking water ...

So, before buying any supplement, especially pre workout energy supplements, try to find some sample packs or borrow some of them from friends.

Dangers of Energy Drinks and Similar Supplements

On every supplement, one can find numerous health related warnings. On dieting pills, pre workout energy supplements and various similar energy drinks, these warnings are even more numerous.

You may ask - why? Are energy drinks bad for you? Well, answer is that energy drinks do have various side effects like increasing blood pressure, increasing heart rate, jitters, tremors, shaking etc, so take those warnings seriously.

Btw, any information found on this site is given only for informative purposes and what ever you do with them - it is your responsibility; please, read Disclaimer, if you want (link opens in the new window).

How to Make Homemade Pre Workout Energy Booster?

Simply :)

Just take one dry shaker, one small kitchen scale (0.1g precision recommended) and add supplements:

homemade energy booster10g of glucose. This will provide little energy boost, but it's primary role is to make this mix drinkable as much as possible. Also, glucose is easily transported from stomach to blood stream.


homemade energy booster10g of whey protein powder. Again, this will improve taste of this drink and will provide you with some fast digestible amino acids.

homemade energy booster5-10g of Arginine AKG. 4-5g are recommended dose, don't add more unless you are REALLY sure that you know what are you doing.

In my case, around 5g is more than enough.

homemade energy booster5-10g of Beta Alanine - just as with Arginine AKG, recommended dose is around 4-5g and again, don't add more unless you really know what are you doing.

Also, there are more things to add ...

Therefore, 5g are more than enough for me ...

homemade energy booster10g of powdered BCAA. This BCAA will turn your body from catabolic into anabolic state no matter how are you dieting.

Also, it will stimulate muscles in various ways, providing you with more strength, more stamina, accelerating recovery etc.

Good thing to have in both pre workout and post workout shakes.

homemade energy booster10g of powdered Glutamine. I always had mixed opinions about glutamine - it will make no harm and with all of the ingredients, one can only hope that some of this glutamine will actually enter blood stream :)

homemade energy booster400mg of pure caffeine. Usually, this is all what one needs as pre workout energy booster.

Be careful about caffeine, 200mg are usually more than enough and some people can't even tolerate 50mg.

Gradually increase your caffeine intake in order to test your tolerance. More caffeine, more energy, but also higher blood pressure, heart rate and similar - 'great' thing for 'nice' heart or brain stroke ...

homemade energy booster500 - 600mg of vitamin C. Is this necessary? Not 100% sure, but it is very cheap. Also, there are some studies that show that increasing vitamin C intake around workouts has negative effects on amount of free radicals, contrary to popular belief that vitamin C and other antioxidants decrease amount of free radicals.

Anyway, those studies used much higher doses of vitamin C and other antioxidants and were funded by who knows who...

Also, adding 1-3 grams of taurine is recommended - taurine acts in many ways stimulating nervous system and providing more stamina, strength and mental focus.

homemade energy boosterAfter adding all of powders, close your shaker, add some water, close your nose and drink it some 15-20 minutes before your workout.

Also, consider taking few more vitamins and minerals, like one multivitamin pill, one multimineral pill, one magnesium pill and one B vitamins complex pill.

As one can see, plenty of pills and powders :)

The Nutrition CaffeineFor this home made pre workout energy drink, I used:

- 10g of ordinary glucose
- 10g of Prostar Whey
- 5g of THE Arginine AKG
- 5g of Beta Alanine
- 10g of THE BCAA Powder
- 10g of GlutaPure
- 2x200mg THE Caffeine pills
- 3g of taurine
- some vitamins and minerals pills

Choice of whey and other supplements I leave to you - any good quality supplement will be fine.

Are all these powders and pills necessary? No, they are not - if you are on the budget, take caffeine pills and that is all. But, if you can, try from time to time mix like this and you will not regret it, since mix like this will provide you with plenty of energy, strength and stamina for even the hardest workouts that last at most 90-100 minutes. After that, body will be too exhausted to continue to function properly.

One more warning: fatigue can kick in unnoticed - be careful regarding sets, reps and weights since one doesn't need injury due to weights flying around, usually down, toward you! :)

It can't be stressed enough - whatever you do, you do on your own will. Gradually increase ingredients in order to test your own tolerances and avoid as much as possible side effects of this or similar mixes - increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, jitters, tremors, nausea etc. :)

Also, feel free to check Pre, During and Post Workout Nutrition article (link opens in the new window).

Good luck and enjoy your lifting ...


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