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Adoni at State Championship, Tesanj, 03.05.2014.

adi tesanj 2014-mIn his third appearance at State Championship held in Tesanj, 03.05.2014, Adoni won Absolute Category - third time.

Three out of three, not bad, not bad ... :)


Adoni at IFBB Serbia Open 2014

adi-ifbb-serbia-2014-mIFBB Serbia Open 2014 was held on 26.04.2014. and it was Adoni's first stage appearance in 2014 - winner of the 90kg class!


1600 Calories Per Day Meal Plan - Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

steamed broccoli and salmonThis 1600 calories per day meal plan is suitable for both Mediterranean Diet and Carbohydrate Cycling Diet. It is based on real food and this meal plan practically requires no supplements.


Daily Meal Plans

norway-lobsterEating according to the predetermined menu has many benefits when trying to lose weight, gain muscles, reach some personal goal etc. When one knows what to eat days ahead, shopping for groceries can be done more easily, cheating can be minimized or entirely avoided. Meal plans with 800, 1000, 1200, 1600 etc calories per day ...


1200 Calories Per Day Meal Plan - Liquid Diet Meal Plan

bsn-syntha-6-mThis 1200 calories meal plan is based on Meal Replacement Powders (MRP) which requires no cooking and can be prepared in no time. However, Liquid Diet is not an easy diet, it is not cheap diet, but results can be great.


1000 Calories Per Day Meal Plan - Vegan Liquid Diet

brown-rice-protein-mThis 1000 calories per day meal plan is based on vegan protein powders and is suitable for Vegan Liquid Diet. Note that this is very low calorie intake, unless you are really 'tiny' person, in which case you don't have to go on a calorie restricted diet at all.


1700 Calories Per Day Meal Plan - Balanced Meal Plan

turkey-breast-marinade-m1700 calories per day meal plan is very balanced meal plan with most calories still coming from protein, but with enough carbohydrates and fats that allow easier meal planing and is much easier to stick to, for longer period of time.


800 Calories Per Day Meal Plan - Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

mixed-salad-with-egg-whites-2mAs title suggests, this is very low calorie diet that has enough nutrients for human body to survive. You will lose weight, that is for sure, but you will lose plenty of water, fats and muscles ... But, who wants to lose muscles?


2100 Calories Per Day Meal Plan - Balanced Meal Plan

protein-pancake-recipe-m1This 2100 calories per day meal plan is very balanced meal plan with calories coming closely to 40%:40%:20% rule.


3500 Calories Per Day Meal Plan - Time to Grow

mixed fruits saladWhen it is time to bulk, one has to workout heavily and to eat. This 3500 calories per day meal plan should be used as basis for organizing nutrition during the workout days.


Calculate Basal and Resting Metabolic Rate

abs-mWhen we calculate our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or very similar Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), we calculate the amount of energy expended while at rest, per day.


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Adnan 'Adoni' Gosto


adi-djale-mAdnan 'Adoni' Gosto is competitive bodybuilder and personal coach dedicated to improving himself and the others in areas of healthy nutrition, proper workouts, becoming and staying fit.

Mediterranean Diet for Women


md-toldi-10mMediterranean Diet is diet suitable for women of any age due to many benefits of such nutrition - rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats (omega-3, CLA etc.), complex carbohydrates, animal and plant based protein ...

Skinny girls 'may' look good in clothes. Fit girls always look - great!


zsuzsanna-toldi-m2Skinny girls 'may' look good in clothes. Fit girls always look - great! - The Magic Three: Nutrition, Workouts, Rest. Overview of proper nutrition, supplements, 1500 kcal diet, dieting meal plans, workout routines, body composition ...