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1100 Calorie Diet Meal Plan

protein pancake recipe1100 calorie diet meal plan is balanced meal plan for anybody needing menu with increased amount of protein and reduced amount of carbohydrates and fats. Of course, amounts of fats and carbohydrates are enough to provide enough energy and building blocks for body to function, more or less, normally.


Adoni at Bihać Open 2015 - Another Victory

adoni bihac 2015Bihac Open 2015 took place on May 24th, 2015 and it was Adoni's another victory in absolute category. Here are few photos of Adoni and other competitors. Congrats to all who went on stage - it takes really will and effort to do that.


Nutrition on the Run

nutrition on the run n1mFrom time to time, it happens to me that I am away from home all day/night long with no options for eating healthy. In that case, I prefer to cook proper food and bring it with me, or at least to mix some Meal Replacement Powders ...


Complete Protein Foods - Foods High in Protein

mixed salad with egg whitesQuality of foods and supplements, as complete protein sources, is often measured by their amino acid profile - more essential amino acids food or supplement has, it is considered better protein source.


Peas, cheese and pasta salad

peas-cheese-pasta-smallPeas, cheese and pasta salad is very fulfilling salad and it takes it maybe 10-15 minutes to make it. Main ingredients are frozen peas, low fat or cottage cheese and some whole wheat pasta.


Protein and Energy Bars

labrada-cookie-roll-cinnamon-bun-1mProtein and energy bars are food bars with macro and micro nutrient content that varies significantly. They are very convenient, easy to carry around, consumed as needed and often very tasty. Their price also vary from cheap energy bars having macronutrient content slightly better than ordinary candy bars to relatively expensive protein bars based on balanced protein blends, slow digesting carbohydrates, healthy fats, various fiber sources and reinforced with vitamins and minerals.


Mediterranean Diet Desserts

healthy-pancakes-mmixed-berries-m2If you are really determined to achieve your goals and you are capable of eating for months without cheating - good thing for you. Rest of us need something more from time to time - some good cheat meal and of course - a nice dessert ...


Canned Salmon Recipes

canned-salmon-sandwich-mSalmon is one of the most popular fish species that can be found on our menus. It is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, some minerals and vitamins. Mercury levels are low in salmon, so it is more than safe to eat - fresh, frozen, canned etc.


Cherries Health Benefits

health benefits of cherriesCherries are very tasty and refreshing fruits. They can be eaten alone or in combination with other fruits in salads, but personally, I eat them alone. They are very high in vitamins, minerals and fibers and can benefit you in many ways ...


Health Benefits of Couscous

couscous-mCouscous is kind of food made of small granules of semolina or whole-wheat flour. Couscous may be used as a replacement for whole-wheat pasta or brown rice. Exact content of couscous vary depending on the ingredients, but incorporating couscous in everyday nutrition can have certain health benefits ...


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Adnan 'Adoni' Gosto


adi-djale-mAdnan 'Adoni' Gosto is competitive bodybuilder and personal coach dedicated to improving himself and the others in areas of healthy nutrition, proper workouts, becoming and staying fit.

Mediterranean Diet for Women


md-toldi-10mMediterranean Diet is diet suitable for women of any age due to many benefits of such nutrition - rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats (omega-3, CLA etc.), complex carbohydrates, animal and plant based protein ...

Skinny girls 'may' look good in clothes. Fit girls always look - great!


zsuzsanna-toldi-m2Skinny girls 'may' look good in clothes. Fit girls always look - great! - The Magic Three: Nutrition, Workouts, Rest. Overview of proper nutrition, supplements, 1500 kcal diet, dieting meal plans, workout routines, body composition ...