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Bowflex Treadclimbers TC10, TC20, TC100 and TC200 - Reviews and Comparison

bowflex treadclimbers sBowflex TreadClimbers TC10, TC20, TC100 and TC200 are 3-in-1 cardio machines that combines best features of treadmills, stair climbers and ellipticals. They provide the users with low-impact cardio workouts that are very easy on the joints and are great for increasing stamina, increasing amount of burned calories and losing fats. However, they are also very pricey exercise machines that have certain limitations.

Bowflex TreadClimbers TC10 and TC20 are somewhat older models and are being replaced with the newest models TC100 and TC200.


Mediterranean Diet for Women

zsuzsanna-toldi-m1chicken-ceasar-salad-recipe-mMediterranean Diet is diet suitable for women of any age due to many benefits of such nutrition - rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats (omega-3, CLA etc.), complex carbohydrates, animal and plant based protein ...


Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93

un-iso-sensation-93mUltimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93 - pure whey protein isolate. It is one of the best post workout meal (PWM) protein powders available. Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation 93 contains around 93g of protein per 100g of powder - hence the name...


Canned Tuna Recipes

canned-tuna-sandwich-mRecipes for canned tuna are quick and easy meals to make. Canned tuna can be consumed as one pleases and canned tuna can be kept for longer periods of time.

Canned tuna recipes and recipes for other canned fish, benefit from the fact that canned fish meat can be eaten right away from the cans and there is no need for any kind of cooking of such fish meat.


Pomegranate Health Benefits

pomegranate health benefitsPomegranates are one of the most beneficial fruits/foods around. They are rich in various vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients and fibers. Pomegranate juice is often one of the favorite juices for kids...


Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell

bowflex selecttech 1090 adjustable dumbbellBowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells adjust from 10 to 90 pounds (4.53 - 40.8 kg) quickly and easily, thus eliminating the need for multiple dumbbells having around. This is great solution for home gyms, not so for commercial gyms. Price for one or two dumbbells appears high but, in fact, such dumbbells in the long run save both money and space.


Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand

valor fitness bd 9 power squat standValor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand are classic squat stands suitable for heavy squats, but can be also used for various bench presses or even pull-ups. It comes at acceptable price for such sturdy piece of equipment.


CytoSport Muscle Milk vs. BSN Syntha-6 - Supplements Comparison

cytosport muscle milk vs bsn syntha 6CytoSport Muscle Milk and BSN Syntha-6 are two very popular, balanced Meal Replacement Powders used for various purposes like breakfasts, daily meals and snack, for increasing daily calorie intake, for increasing protein intake, for diets etc.


Meal Replacement Powders

labrada-prov602Meal Replacement Powders (MRP) are protein supplements in powdered form, although there are meal replacement products in liquid form, usually in 0.5 liter plastic bottles. MRPs are great solution for anybody in the hurry wanting quick and healthy meal.


Steamed Marinated Chicken Breasts and Broccoli

broccoli-chichen-m Steamed marinated chicken breasts and broccoli is easy and fast meal to make. It takes maybe 25 - 30 minutes to cook, but it takes only few minutes to prepare all ingredients and to put them to cook. And after cooking, all you have to clean is steam cooker - great :o)


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Carbohydrate Cycling Diet - Introduction


Carbohydrate Cycling DietCarbohydrate Cycling Diet, or for shorter, Carb Cycling Diet is type of diet where amounts of carbs and calories in general are varied from day to day.

Mediterranean Diet for Women


md-toldi-10mMediterranean Diet is diet suitable for women of any age due to many benefits of such nutrition - rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats (omega-3, CLA etc.), complex carbohydrates, animal and plant based protein ...

Skinny girls 'may' look good in clothes. Fit girls always look - great!


zsuzsanna-toldi-m2Skinny girls 'may' look good in clothes. Fit girls always look - great! - The Magic Three: Nutrition, Workouts, Rest. Overview of proper nutrition, supplements, 1500 kcal diet, dieting meal plans, workout routines, body composition ...

Vegan Protein Powders

Vegan Protein Powders

Vegan protein powders are great way for vegans and vegetarians to increase their daily protein intake. Their taste, digestibility, amino acids profile and other features have changed over years ...