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Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

weslo-cadence-r5.2-treadmill-1mWeslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill is great basic treadmill for smaller sized person. It doesn't have many features available in larger and more expensive models, but it does it's job...


Body Composition on November 22nd, 2014 - Adoni Gosto

adi-body-composition-mHere is a little recap of current state and body composition of Adnan Gosto, 3 time consecutive absolute bodybuilding champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Enjoy! :)


Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

sole-fitness-e35-elliptical-machine-1mSole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine is big, sturdy, well built and expensive elliptical with many great features. Due to its quality and features, this elliptical belong to the group of high-end home ellipticals and intro level commercial ellipticals. If you really like to do low impact cardio at home and you don't mind spending some money, have this elliptical in mind.


My Berry Thin Review, Acai Berry Thin Review etc. - Dieting Pills

berry thin reviewAlmost every day supplement companies announce new 'miracle' weight loss supplements in the form of dieting pills promising desired dreams in no time, at acceptable prices. Such marketing campaigns are well organized and thoroughly prepared with having only one goal - make money to those companies.

Having said that, are those companies really evil, are those pills worthless, or there are some truth in claims that those pills actually work?!


Protein Supplements Comparison Table - Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein

myprotein-impact-whey-isolate-mToday, there are many protein supplements on the market. Most of them promise bigger muscles, high quality protein sources etc - everything what potential buyer wants to hear. This article provides comparison table of some protein supplements we have tried.


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

on-gs-whey-mOptimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is one of the most popular whey protein powders in the world. Good, cheap, reliable, with many flavors.


Stuffed Calamari Recipe - Sauteed Calamari Recipe

stuffed-calamari-recipe-mstuffed-calamari-recipe-m2There are many ways of preparing calamari, whether you are on a diet or not. Grilled or baked stuffed calamari is one of my favorite calamari recipes. It takes some time to make, but it is worth your time and effort. And this is one of my favorite cheat meals, so don't even bother on counting calories ...


Labrada GlutaLean

labrada-glutalean2LABRADA Glutalean is glutamine in powdered form. As usual with Labrada products, this is pure pharmaceutical grade glutamine.


Peas Health Benefits

peas health benefitsPeas are simple and year long available vegetable, that is often neglected with no reason. It can be found fresh, fresh frozen or canned. Fresh peas are the best and have best taste, but canned ones can be consumed in seconds.


BCAA Supplementation

labrada-bcaa2Branched chain amino acids are leucin, isoleucin and valin. These essential amino acids are very important for any athlete because they are metabolized in the muscles, rather than in liver.

There are many great properties of BCAA, some of them ...



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Adnan 'Adoni' Gosto


adi-djale-mAdnan 'Adoni' Gosto is competitive bodybuilder and personal coach dedicated to improving himself and the others in areas of healthy nutrition, proper workouts, becoming and staying fit.

Mediterranean Diet for Women


md-toldi-10mMediterranean Diet is diet suitable for women of any age due to many benefits of such nutrition - rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats (omega-3, CLA etc.), complex carbohydrates, animal and plant based protein ...

Foods and Supplements Amino Acids Profiles

meatFoods and Supplements Amino Acids Profiles article compares foods and supplements, as protein sources, by comparing their amino acid profiles - more essential amino acids food or supplement has, it is considered better protein source.

Skinny girls 'may' look good in clothes. Fit girls always look - great!


zsuzsanna-toldi-m2Skinny girls 'may' look good in clothes. Fit girls always look - great! - The Magic Three: Nutrition, Workouts, Rest. Overview of proper nutrition, supplements, 1500 kcal diet, dieting meal plans, workout routines, body composition ...